Ways to Prepare Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2023 (2023)

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is one of the most crucial national exams. It is organized jointly by the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, and seven different Indian Institutes of Technology. It is an annual examination. GATE draws lakhs of aspirants every year. The exam is a screening test or elimination round used by the institutes. The aspirants who seek admission to postgraduate/ doctoral courses in reputed institutions throughout the country appear in GATE. Also, aspirants who want to apply for PSU Jobs and CSIR fellowships apply for GATE. Today we will focus on Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022.

GATE has a defined syllabus for every stream. Engineering Mathematicsfor GATE 2022 is one of the subjects compulsory for all engineering streams. It carries about 12% – 18% of the total marks. We have observed this trend for the last six to seven years.

Table of Contents

  • Importance of Engineering Mathematics
  • Important Topics and Subtopics- Analyzing The Subject in Details
  • Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022 Syllabus- for All the Applicable Streams
  • How to prepare for GATE mathematics?
  • Which book is best for engineering mathematics?
  • Extra Tips

Importance of Engineering Mathematics

Mathematics has always been a crucial subject ever since our school times. While some students hate this subject, there are others who have loved it since they first started learning it. Some people consider mathematics a curse whereas some consider it a blessing for extra marks.

Coming to Engineering Mathematics as a subject in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineeringis entirely different. Unlike high school mathematics, it is much more advanced. It includes more topics and plays a significant role in cracking GATE with a high score. Many people who are not so good with numbers wonder how to prepare for this subject while doing their GATE Preparation. Again, it is a well-known fact that Engineering Mathematics for GATE is an area where one can score high easily. Of course, one has to prepare it well.

Still, wondering how to crack GATE by scoring well in Engineering Maths? How to prepare Engineering Mathematics for GATE without any coaching? Whether you should opt for GATE Preparation Online or Offline? Searching for preparation tips for Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022?

Then, one thing is sure, that is, you have just found the key to the chest containing all the answers. We, through this blog, will answer all your questions and guide you in preparing Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022 Exam.

Important Topics and Subtopics- Analyzing The Subject in Details

Irrespective of the stream the candidate has in his/ her graduation, Engineering Mathematics will be there in all of them. It will account for the same percentage of marks in every stream. Thus, ignoring Engineering Mathematics for GATE will be a big mistake. Ignoring this subject will cost you valuable GATE Marks.

The topics covered under Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022are nearly the same for every stream of engineering. There are minute differences in topics, but the major syllabus remains the same for all.

We have created a list of the topics covered under Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022, for each stream.

Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022 Syllabus- for All the Applicable Streams

Linear Algebra (For all streams): In linear algebra, the aspirants should focus on rank & determinant of matrices, Eigenvalues & vectors, and systems of linear equations. Topics such as basis vectors and span of basis vectors to form an n-dimensional space are not be covered.

Calculus (For all streams): Calculus is essential. All the aspirants should focus on maxima & minima in single variable calculus. Vector calculus which plays a significant role covers Gradient, Divergence, Curl as well as Vector Integral Theorems. Aspirants are advised to practice limits as well.

Differential Equations (For all streams): Finding the solution of differential equations are extremely important. Focusing on higher-order differential equations is a must along with first-order equations. Bernoulli’s Equation and Euler Differential Equation should also be paid attention to.

Probability and statistics (For all streams): Bayes’ Theorem will cover most of the questions. Question from Random Variables like Poisson’s Distribution, statistics, mean, median, and mode as well as the coefficient of correlation has a high probability of appearing in GATE Exam.

Complex Analysis (Excluding CS): Cauchy-Riemann Equations, Residue Method of Integration, and Taylor series have to be practiced well. It looks small, but each of the subtopics is extremely large by itself.

Numerical Methods (Excluding CS): Making a note of important formulae for Trapezoidal Rule and Simpson’s Rule is a must. Aspirants must practice as many questions as possible on solving equations using the Newton-Raphson method, Bisection method, and numerical integration techniques.

Transform Theory (For EE and ME ONLY): Laplace and inverse Laplace transforms are the topics to be practiced well.

Discrete Mathematics (For CS ONLY): Graph connectivity and coloring, Relations and Functions and Mathematical Logic (Propositions, and Predicate logic). Discrete Mathematics – tautology, satisfiability, equivalences of given propositional statements. Finding the number of edges, vertices, or components for the given connected or disconnected graph, Euler circuit, checking isomorphism, Hamiltonian cycle for given graphs as well as simple properties of various graphs such as a complete graph, bipartite graph, regular graph, cycle graph, and line graph.

Now that we know about the GATE mathematics syllabus, let us find out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to engineering mathematics.

Q.1. How to prepare for GATE mathematics?

Mathematics is one of the challenging subjects for most GATE aspirants. Engineering mathematics comprises several segments that require a significant amount of focus. Here are some prominent ways to prepare for GATE mathematics.

  • First, you must study the GATE mathematics syllabus and know the marks weightage for each of the sections. It will help you to excel in your preparation and score the maximum in the GATE’s engineering mathematics segment.
  • GATE engineering mathematics line algebra is a crucial part of the GATE mathematics syllabus. Some of the important topics included in this segment include Eigenvalues and vectors, systems of linear equations, and finding rank and determinant of matrices. GATE aspirants must prioritize studying important subjects in GATE mathematics during the entire GATE exam preparation.
  • GATE aspirants must focus on studying with the standard set of mathematics books to build a strong base of concepts in different engineering mathematics subjects. Make sure you create revision-oriented detailed notes while studying these standard books.
  • The GATE maths syllabus comprises different concepts and formulas that aspirants cannot retain for long. Therefore, revision is mandatory in the case of the GATE mathematics syllabus. You must create short notes with formulas and hard to remember. It will help you revise this information quite frequently during your revision schedules.
  • You must check that you have learned the syllabus well and ready to perform the best in the exam. Choose quality mock tests such as MADE EASY Online Test Series to analyze and understand the areas that require improvement during the GATE exam preparation.

Implementing each of the above-mentioned tips will ensure high scores in engineering mathematics associated with the GATE examination. So, go ahead and get started with the exam preparation journey from today!

Q.2. Which book is best for engineering mathematics?

Experts recommend that GATE aspirants must utilize the best GATE mathematics books for the aspirants. The most useful books include Erwin Kreyszig’s Advanced Engineering Mathematics and B.S. Grewal’s Higher Engineering Mathematics.

The Advanced Engineering Mathematics book helps to simplify the difficult concepts with practical problems. You need to understand that in-depth analysis and related information is present in this popular book. Higher Engineering Mathematics emphasizes problem-solving techniques, detailed explanations with easy-to-understand content, and a wide range of GATE mathematics practice questions with answers.


Now that the aspirants know about the topics and important subtopics, they are quite ahead of many others. Yet, this is not enough. The aspirants must have a proper strategic plan to be able to cover the entire syllabus efficiently as well as effectively. We, therefore, bring some strategies into the light for you to be able to prepare yourself extremely well for GATE.

  • Both the basic and the standard books can be referred to while preparing for GATE Exam. You can referMADE EASY Mathematics Book which is an all-in-one book where you will find concepts supplemented with previously solved GATE questions of all branches. This makes it a Complete book for practice.
  • Do not try to memorize maths by mugging up the entire textbooks/standard books. You’ll only be wasting time. Remember the formulae and understand the techniques used to solve the questions. Making a separate note of the advanced techniques will surely help you.
  • Prioritize your study. Practice previous year’s numerical after you complete each topic.
  • Revise regularly. Revise the formulae every day. Solve a few questions from the topics and subtopics included in the previous day’s study schedule.
  • Aspirants should take mock tests. You should join a good Online Test Series which will help you in practicing the questions in a simulated environment.
  • Make a formula notebook. It is essential for last moment revision. You can also note down important techniques along with the formulae.

Extra Tips

It is essential to keep on revising the subjects while preparing other subjects as well.

Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2022 is very challenging. It is, thus, very important for the aspirants to solve not only the basic numerical but also advanced numerical. But, before solving those make sure that you have solved all the different types of basic numerical.

Take enough rest between subtopics. Overloading your brain will only make your study unproductive. Thus, this will only waste your time and energy. Devote enough time to regain energy and prepare for the next.

Try to analyze the past Question Papers of GATE and establish a trend by yourself. This will aid you to prepare in a more directed manner.

Make sure that you manage your time well during the solving process. Taking too much time to solve questions in engineering mathematics will affect your performance in the actual GATE examination. Taking too little time can also be dangerous as mistakes can be easily made in a hurry. Ensure that the time you take for solving each numerical is optimum. This will help you in increasing the efficiency in the real examination.

Clear your doubts when they arise. Do not postpone your doubts for some later time. Ensure that the source of doubt clearing is trusted. If your doubt does not get cleared in one attempt, then take another attempt. Do not proceed to other subtopics before completing the one you are doing presently.


Finally, do not PANIC under any circumstance. Panic will only deteriorate your ability to solve and will only make your head go blank. Take a couple of deep breaths. This will calm you down. Most importantly drink some water. Staying hydrated helps reduce panic.

We hope that this article was extremely useful and that you found it enlightening. It is our sincere hope that, now, you will be able to prepare Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2023efficiently and effectively. We strongly believe that this guide will, surely, help you score well in this section in GATE. We, also, hope that we have been able to clear all your doubts about Engineering Mathematics preparation for GATE Exam.


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