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Educator, Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors (Portland)

Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors (ECO) mission is to inspire students to care for nature andEcology in Classrooms and Outdoors (ECO) mission is to inspire students to care for nature andtheir local communities through hands-on science education and climate action. We workevery day to provide hands-on, ecology education both in classrooms and outdoors in localnatural areas. We teach science and stewardship to foster personal connections betweenstudents and nature that grows a community of environmental stewards, scientists, andadvocates. ECO exists because people protect what they love and our world needs to be caredfor. Our values are steeped in collaboration, curiosity, and commitment.

ECO’s Educator is the face of the organization. They provide a key connection between ourschools, outdoor sites, and students. Educators help to create the educational setting andambiance that helps students meaningfully engage with nature. They work closely with both theElementary and Secondary Program Managers to understand our program’s parameters andspecifics, from curriculum delivery to outdoor project management. They will work in the schoolon a daily basis to maintain the safety of students, create an engaging and enjoyable outdoorand classroom experience for students, and deliver curriculum.This position provides in school programming as an Educator for both the elementary andsecondary programs. As an ECO Educator, you will be able to gain a wide variety of knowledgeand experience throughout the layers of our programming. It takes all of us working together, aswell as independently, to make ECO strong and resilient. Visit our website atwww.ecologyoutdoors.org/career and download the full job description.

The Essentials

  • Status: 28-32 hours/week, non-exempt
  • Compensation: $20.00/hour
  • Benefits: FTE equivalent of 80 hours of PTO + 8 floating holidays; 50% employer-paid health,dental/vision insurance; 401(k) employer 2% match
  • Schedule: Monday - Friday daytime hours
  • Location: Portland, OR (work from home office)
  • Start date: November 2022
  • Application deadline: open until filled; applications submitted by Oct 31 will be given priority

View the full position description at www.ecologyoutdoors.org/career

How to Apply

Prepare a one-page cover letter that describes how your life and professional experiences are agood fit for this position, and why you’re excited about the opportunity to support ECO and thestudents we engage. Include a two-page resume and save along with your cover letter as a Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors single PDF file. Do not attach any other documents to your initial application. Email materials to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line: Educator, First & Last Name

ECO is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in allfacets of the organization. We seek to develop a diverse candidate pool and welcomenominations and applications from all qualified candidates regardless of race, gender, sexualorientation, age, disability, religion, or national origin. As an ECO team member, your work will help educate and inspire students from all backgrounds and perspectives by making theirnature-based experiences truly meaningful and long-lasting. To best serve our communities, weneed passionate, committed staff with steadfast faith and trust in the ability of a small group ofdedicated individuals to make our world a better place. Our team culture is evident inrespectful, open, and authentic communications that support ECO’s mission and ourengagement of students in nature’s classroom.We are most interested in finding the best candidate for the job, and that candidate may be onewho comes from a unique background and may not be a formally trained educator. If you areinterested in applying, we encourage you to think broadly about your background andqualifications for the role. We believe that diversity is the key to human creativity in our dailyadventures.Position Responsibilities- Collaborate with the Program Managers to deliver ECO programs in elementary andsecondary schools and at our habitat enhancement sites- Co-lead groups of 25 to 30 students both indoors and outdoors- Deliver ECO curriculum in elementary and secondary school settings- Deliver ECO curriculum at outdoor settings connected to service-learning projects- Support program managers on specific projects as needed- Bring engaging energy and enthusiasm to the curriculum, field sites, and schools- Create and maintain a safe and brave space for students’ well-being- Maintain positive relationships with school, guardians, and community partnersDesired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities- Combination of relevant education, training, and experience that demonstrates yourability to fulfill the duties of this position- Demonstrate self-motivation, independence, and a positive attitude- Commitment to, and enthusiasm for, ECO’s mission and cultural values- Commitment to work with diverse teammates- Ability to multitask and adapt quickly to changing situations- Background knowledge in natural resources/ecology/gardening- Willingness to grow and evolve with the organization- Knowledge of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and trauma-informed practice

Columbia Springs is hiring an Environmental Educator! This position supports education programs in a diversity of ways and should be enthusiastic about filling a variety of roles and learning new tasks quickly. This position can be combined with the school year educator position to become a year-round job or can be a summer position only. The summer position is approximately June 13th – July 26, including training before camp begins and clean up after. Educators will lead summer day camp groups, creating a fun and supportive atmosphere as campers explore nature, science, sustainability topics. After a program ends, educators clean microscopes, sweep classrooms or discuss how to adapt program materials to better meet the needs of students.

Educators also lead educational activities at community outreach events and support our education programs in a variety of ways throughout the year. A week in the life of an educator during the school year might include leading an ecosystem field trip for fifth graders at our site, driving to a school the next day to lead a fish dissection for third graders and the next day leading a bug program for 1st graders!

Environmental Education Director and Instructor, Tualatin Hills Nature Center (Beaverton)

The Tualatin Hills Nature Center seeks team-oriented, safety-conscious, nature enthusiasts to create quality nature programs for kids in the Beaverton area. This is a fantastic employment opportunity for individuals looking to improve their leadership skills in an informal environmental education setting.

Job Openings:

Environmental Education Instructor: is responsible for planning, preparing, instructing, and/or leading general and/or specialized activities for nature program participants. Activities include but are not limited to leading group games, nature activities, arts & crafts, and guided group hikes.
Pay Rate Range: $15.63- $17.09

Environmental Education Director: is responsible for the development and implementation of assigned nature programs. Incumbents in this job classification work independently, within established guidelines, to develop, coordinate, supervise, and instruct the day-to-day activities of assigned nature program areas and provide lead direction to assigned part-time staff and volunteers.
Pay Rate Range: $17.59- $19.79

The fine print: you must be sixteen years old to apply; you must love working with kids; and you must be able to work outside, rain or shine.

We are hiring for multiple part-time positions for intermittent youth programs intermittent youth and family nature programs, preschool programs, and Day-off Nature Camps. Please see pg. 80 of the Fall Activity Guide to explore our current program offerings.http://www.thprd.org/pdfs2/activityguide/Fall2022v4/thprdv4.pdf

Hours are variable and based on programs, typically staff are scheduled for 8-29 hours a week. Part-time employees are scheduled variable hours and may work less than 1,560 hours per year. Staff may be given the opportunity to work multiple positions within the same classification.

Apply online at:


Forest School Teacher, Eden Acres (Hillsboro)

Every day we work to transform education & build community through hands-on, experiential, and nature-based learning. At the heart and soul of the Forest School program is engagement with the natural world. Through handwork, art and craft, play, and exploration, children learn how to overcome adversity, work alongside others, and develop a deeper relationship with nature.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who can work independently as well as in a team, is confident in working with children of various ages and abilities, understands and is confident in child-led, emergent, and project-based learning, enjoys being out-of-doors - rain or shine -, and finds a job that offers new adventures each day energizing.

Full job description

Business Administrator, Opal Creek

Position: Full-time, salaried
Location: Portland, Oregon with a hybrid remote and in-person workweek
Compensation: $45,000 annual salary
Benefits: 17 days paid vacation plus 10 holidays/80% health, dental, and vision coverage/annual professional development stipend/business mileage
Reports to: Executive Director

The Business Administrator makes Opal Creek operations run smoothly and efficiently. You’ll coordinate day-to-day operations as well as strategize how to best achieve our mission. Reporting to the Executive Director, you’ll also work closely with core staff, the Board of Directors, our independent accounting firms, and other partners and vendors. You’ll have an incredible opportunity to shape the future of our organization through a period of significant strategic planning, recovery, and growth while promoting a positive and progressive work environment in alignment with our mission and values.

View the full posting and apply at Opal Creek.

  • Indigenous Partnership Programs Manager - Vesper Meadow
  • Service Member - FoodCorps
  • Outdoor School Field Instructor - Ashland Family YMCA
  • National Wildlife Federation and Association of Northwest Steelheaders

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