Best Outdoor Education Programs For Students In 2022 | Centers (2022)

Best Outdoor Education Programs For Students In 2022 | Centers (1)

Does classroom education bore you to the extent that it has made you give up on learning? Well, there’s actually what suits everyone as what works for one might not work for another. In essence, outdoor education programs for students have been designed to suit your learning desire.

Here, you get to find out how interesting outdoor education programs can be and choose the environment that aligns with your mental state.

Basically, outdoor education programs mostly involve a journey through the field(natural settings) where students are engaged in various forms of challenges and adventure such as team-building activity having the high and low elements, canoeing, hiking, etc. Though this kind of activity plays a major role in determining where they are practiced.

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What Is Outdoor Education?

Outdoor education is a broad term owing to the fact that its interpretation varies from one individual to another. Therefore, in this context, it is seen as the way through which organized activities take place in an outdoor environment.

I said ‘organized activities’ because it takes a systematic process for education to take place irrespective of where it is acquired.

Additionally, it is an idea that is currently enjoying a comeback. It has some primary goals which it aims to achieve. They include:

  • Enhancing personal and social development.
  • Learning how to overcome difficulty.
  • Growing a closer relationship with nature.

How important is Outdoor Education?

Quality outdoor learning experiences have long developed reflective thinking with approaches to solve problems in real life situations.

Also, outdoor training increases students’ physical, mental and social health. Participants benefit from it developmentally.

What Can I Do With An Outdoor Education Degree?

Outdoor education covers many approaches for teaching about sustainability and environmental awareness, an outdoor educator is one who teaches about topics related to the natural environment. So then, such professionals can work in a variety of settings.

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Practicing professionals learn on the job while some others may have a bachelor’s degree or the like from a similar program. Therefore, there are a lot of things to do with a degree in outdoor education. Some of them include forestry, life sciences, agricultural studies, or conservation.

However, here are some of the jobs you can do with an outdoor education degree.

Description Of What AConservation Education ForesterDoes

The conservation education foresters train other educators about land management, tree replanting, tree harvesting, and environmentally safe timber removal processes. These professionals may also teach directly to students. Conservation education foresters may also work full-time while dedicating some of their time to conservation education to both students and other educators.

Individuals who choose to become foresters may consider taking teaching-related coursework. Teaching experience can also be gotten from training at national parks. Internships at national parks may also provide teaching experience and training.

Job Description Of APark Employee

These people are responsible for serving park visitors by providing education and enforcing park guidelines. Also, they give informational talks and provide guidance to visitors focusing their efforts on teaching skills.

Generally, they are required to acquire a beyond-the-high-school education. However, irrespective of their experience or level of education, they must be able to meet with the physical demands of the job.

Working as a park employee avails you uncountable opportunities of having to share nature with a host of audiences.


This particular career demands the professionals to exude bravery and selflessness. During emergencies, firefighters must be ready to throw themselves in within a split second.

There are occupational hazards related to this very firefighting. This is to notify those considering it beforehand.

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What Are The Best Schools/ Programs For Outdoor Education?

The percentage of men making up the student body of outdoor education is 60% while women make up 40% of the student body. Therefore, Outdoor Education is a major studied within the field of Parks, Recreation, Leisure, & Fitness Studies.

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It is ranked 292nd in popularity out of the 384 college majors in the analysis given by College Factual. Even though, it is a not-so-popular major graduating 151 graduates annually. The outdoor education colleges are mostly found in the Southeast region.

Furthermore, in ranking these schools, most of them sit near nature reserves, rivers and other environments with very beautiful features. we have put some ranking factors into consideration. They are closeness to outdoor chance within easy driving distance, accreditation, and the number of schools signed adventure related activities.

Here is a list of the best schools and outdoor education programs for students.

  • Murray State University
  • Northwest Nazarene University
  • Minnesota State University-Mankato
  • SUNY College at Cortland

#1 Murray State University

Located in a remote town that is accessible in less than three hours, Murray State University is a midsize public university. It offers 1 outdoor Education Degree Program. The number of graduands produced by the school is not pronounced as the program itself is an uncommon one.

However, this institution is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

#2 Northwest Nazarene University

Founded in 1913, the institution is located also in a midsize city. Moreover, NNU is one of the US liberal arts colleges. It offers over 60 bachelor’s degree programs, 11 master’s degree programs, and a Ph.D. degree program. This institution is accredited bythe Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

However, Northwest Nazarene University offers just 1 Outdoor Education Degree program.

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#3 Minnesota State University-Mankato

Minnesota State University offers 130 undergraduate programs of study and 75 graduate programs. Most importantly, it offers 1 Outdoor Education program in the master’s degree. It is accredited bythe North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and The Higher Learning Commission amongst other bodies.

The master’s degree in Experiential Education is the oldest graduate degree program in the States. Albeit, it’s a large public university in a small city.

#4 SUNY College at Cortland

The State University of New York (SUNY) was founded in 1868. The College at Cortland offers 1 Outdoor Education program at the bachelor’s degree level.


SUNY operates its Outdoor Education Center at Raquette lake and the Hoxie Gorge Nature Preserve. It is a medium-sized public university and is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

This institution is accredited bythe Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Are There Graduate Programs In Outdoor Education?

Based on the list of outdoor education centers and programs above, we have just one school that offers the program at the master’s degree level.

The name of the institution is Minnesota State University-Mankato. Moreover, the school’s official website has been provided for more information.

FAQs On The Best Outdoor Education Programs for Students In 2022 | Centers

Outdoor education program teaches outdoor survival skills, it improves problem-solving skills, enhances teamwork and aims at understanding natural environments.

Quality outdoor learning experiences have long developed reflective thinking with approaches to solve problems in real-life situations. It has also developed adaptability in unfavorable situations.

Outdoor training increases students’ physical, mental, and social health. Participants benefit from it developmentally.


Outdoor Education programs are quite systematic. This piece of information has been gathered to quench your curiosity about what outdoor training is. I hope the information helps you with the knowledge that you seek.



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